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‍“The audience will long remember your presentation as a special moment that touched their lives.”

“That was the best safety meeting ever.”

“Your story and the strength that the two of you demonstrate daily is truly inspirational. The points made during your presentation will surely benefit our co-workers and their families.”

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“Your story deeply touched the audience and resonated with all of us. While the events that happened to you were terrible, your talk was a message of hope, love and courage. Your warmth and humour, and your affection for each other, shone through and I was very moved by your story.”

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“Thank you again for coming today... you two are fantastic people and the kids were so impressed! I don't know how many times a day you probably hear this, but both you and your wife are truly amazing! What strength and love you both have, it's priceless.”

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“Thanks for sharing your unique and inspirational thoughts on your personal experience with our team. Both of you are terrific speakers.”

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Connecting with

your audience

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“Most memorable lecture yet."

"Motivating, emotional, well-delivered."

"A very inspiring story with an important message."

‍“You shared the story of your awful accident and the effects with such humility. The women were stunned to silence. They understood what a huge act you had to forgive.

“I am very inspired by today’s presentation. I believe it enhanced our commitments to incorporate HSE into our daily activities both at work and in our personal lives.”